Counselling and Therapy

The counsellor, together with the client, finds solutions and gives advice to move forward. The therapist facilitates building on the past to improve the present and the future.

Seeking help in the form of professional treatment from a qualified counsellor/therapist is a natural consequence of the desire to discover personal solutions to perplexing issues. Issues that can feel virtually insurmountable can be worked through and become manageable with the support and encouragement of a professional. I help you see the big picture, understand how you got to where you are and facilitate positive changes that you choose.

Reaching out to a therapist is a normal and life affirming choice. It is a sign of health and an expression of a desire to lead a more fulfilling life.

I provide professional counselling/therapy governed by the ethical requirements of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. For more information about the association visit CCPA-ACCP.

I offer services to anyone seeking a warm and supportive environment in which to explore their relationships – for individuals and couples that are having difficulty with any aspect of their relationship to explore emerging issues, identify and work through life difficulties and manage crisis. I will listen, encourage reflection and promote awareness of your internal experiencing through personal development and emotional growth – enabling you to regain control.

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